So I Was On Reddit

8 08 2007

So, apparently, less than two weeks after starting this blog, I ended up on (direct link) for this entry on the fact that most monad tutorials are awful, and offering a pointer to a paper . Apparently if you tag an entry with ‘monads,’ avid Haskell users flock to your blog (I exaggerate of course – just many more people than otherwise read my blog). Really, I suspect that using that tag just got more people to notice, and most of the hits came from Reddit, where I was probably only posted because I had a bit of an opinion, plus a link to Wadler’s paper. Interesting phenomenon.

Apparently I got a peak of 1,015 page views on August 2nd, as well as getting included in the “Blog Noise” section of Haskell Weekly News. Having never really blogged about anything other than my personal life before this summer, it’s interesting to see how certain keywords draw spikes of attention. For that reason, I’m specifically not tagging this entry with ‘haskell’ or ‘monads’ because I don’t want to distract that many people. Just thought it was interesting.

EDIT: Hello again, reddit-ors.