Until May of 2008, I was an undergraduate studying Computer Science at Brown University.  After a couple internships, I ended up working for the Technical Strategy Incubation Group at Microsoft, where I worked on a cool next-generation systems project.  In September of 2009 I left Microsoft to pursue my PhD at the University of Washington, studying programming languages and formal methods.

Why do I use my middle initial or middle name in various places? Well, partly to distinguish myself online from other Colin Gordons, such as the acoustics consultant, history professor, actor, or illustrator who crop up with a simple search on Google for “Colin Gordon.” A search for “Colin S. Gordon” yields mostly relevant results.  The other reason I use my middle name is because when I started in Brown’s CS department, my email there was already configured with my middle name, so a number of people started referring to me by my middle name rather than my first name as a sort of nickname.

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