Blog Move

1 08 2007

Well, as I said in my first post I was apt to do, I’ve decided to move my blog. Why? Blogger, for anything other than simply posting or selecting a pre-existing theme, is painful to use. That’s the main reason. In particular, the interface for rearranging page components is basically broken in Safari (my browser of choice).

I’m moving to, because WordPress

  • Has none of the UI wonkiness and breakage which Blogger seems to have
  • For the parts of Blogger which work, WordPress has a nicer UI
  • Supports a clean XML export, usable by me if I do a custom blog engine, or if I install WordPress on my own server
  • Has a broader, nicer variety of default themes. Yes, that’s part of the basis for my selection. Compare the Blogger and theme choices yourself – you’ll agree with me.

I’ll also be updating my domain,, to point there, just as soon as Yahoo! Domains fixes the problem with their domain administration page which is currently preventing me from changing any domain settings…



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