A Ham Sandwich in Your Computer

18 07 2007

And so begins yet another attempt at a consistent blog. I’ll explain the title another time – it’s an inside joke which developed over the course of this current summer in California among my housemates and me.

I’m beginning this blog for a few reasons. I did used to blog in high school, though it was full of teenage angst and such, and consequently did not make very good reading material. I stopped shortly after entering college, but still missed writing periodically (and have subsequently noticed a decrease in the quality of my writing). I also tend to have a lot of random ideas which I’d like to record somewhere for me to come back to them. I’d also like some sort of public forum to share some opinions I’ve developed over time, and perhaps get some feedback on them.

I’ve been contemplating this for some time, though the real trigger for it was blogging at work – http://blogs.sun.com/csg/. I’m currently doing an internship in the Solaris Kernel group at Sun, and they encourage everyone to blog. That got me back into the habit again, and hopefully I’ll manage to continue this for some time to come.

I’ll likely end up writing my own blogging software at some point, and moving away from Blogger, because:

  • I am guilty, so some degree, of NIH (Not Invented Here)
  • It’s an opportunity to get comfortable with another programming language (I’d likely use Python or Ruby, though possibly Scheme)
  • If I want to extend it in some way, I don’t have to use PHP…

I’ll probably write here about random thoughts, CS papers, software, ideas for projects, reviews of books, movies, and music, reflections on certain experience, etc. I’m going to try to keep each entry (after this one) fairly focused on a particular topic.



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